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What You Will Study

The curriculum of the Islamic education master program has been designed based on benchmarking and concerns from the internal and external stakeholders. Experts and competent lectures who graduated from reputable Indonesian and overseas universities are ready to help and support students to experience their academic journey.

Students are required to pass 37 credits to be able to complete their study. The main learning method is student-centered learning, which involves the combination of theory comprehension, self-study, projects-based activities, and practical experiences.

1.AIK (al Islam and keMuhammadiyahan)1
2.Studi Naskah Bahasa Arab (Reading Comprehension of Arabic texts)
3.Studi AlQur’an dan Hadits (Quranic and Hadith Studies)
4.Pendekatan Studi Islam (Approaches on Islamic Studies)
5.Filsafat Ilmu (The Philosophy of Science)2
6.Metodologi Pendidikan Islam (The Methods of Islamic Teaching)
7.Pembelajaran PAI di Sekolah dan Madrasah (Islamic Education in Schools and Madrasa)
8.Psikologi Pendidikan Islam (The Psychology of Islamic Education)
9.Studi Naskah Bahasa Inggris (Reading Comprehension of English Text)
10.Pengembangan Kurikulum PAI (The Development of Islamic Education Curriculum)3
11.Media Pembelajaran Pendidikan Islam (Learning Media of Islamic Education)
12.Evaluasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan Islam (Learning Evaluation of Islamic Education)
13.Inovasi Pembelajaran AIK ( Learning Innovation of AIK)
14.Inovasi Pembelajaran Al-Qur’an dan Hadits ( Learning Innovation of Quran and Hadith)
15.Inovasi Pembelajaran Fiqh (Learning Innovation of  Fiqh)
16.Inovasi Pembelajaran Akidah Akhlak (Learning Innovation on Aqidah and Akhlak)
17.Inovasi Pembelajaran Tarikh (Learning Innovation of Islamic History)